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Commercial Envelopes for Commercial Businesses

Traditional Mails Remain Intact in Hi-Tech World

The way business has been conducted has totally revolutionized over the period of time. It has become much more hi tech with new ways of communication coming up and most of the work shifting from paper to digital. Yet one way of communication which remains intact even after decades and decades is mails. No! We aren’t referring to email, we are referring to traditional mail or postal service whereby letters are used for communicating. The very experience of penning down your message, putting it in the envelope and posting them is nostalgic.

Businesses have been making use of the postal services to send newsletters, invoices, reminders and what not to their clients. For this purpose envelopes have been used to make the messages reach safely however customized professional envelopes are like a cherry on the cake and offer much more than being just another envelope. Here is how using a professional envelope for sending mails help you in your business!

Benefits of professional envelopes

Having professional envelopes involved in to your business has many benefits for the business.

Builds business image

Earns recognition

Makes you stand out

When you send a customized business envelope to fellow business and clients, it builds a good image for the business. They value that your business considers business building which adds to your business’s credibility When an envelope is used for sending invoices, mails etc. it gets recognition for your business. Right from the person who delivers it to the one who receives it, everyone who comes across your business’s logo and other details gets to recognize your business with ease the next time they will encounter it. Businesses and clients get tons of mails delivered to them every day. Out of this more than 70% are reported to be spam or promotional. If you will use a simple envelope then chances are that you may be neglected or counted to be just another spammer. Using a customized envelope will make you stand out of the queue and get your business all the attention which it deserves.

Types of envelopes

There are tons of different types of commercial paper envelopes which come with different types of papers and can be made in different shapes and sizes as per the requirements. Businesses often go for customized envelopes in order to include their business logo and details on the envelope.

For others who can do fine with standardized envelopes there are tons of them available at stationery shops or even at printing presses near you. Business envelopes often go well in white color.

Getting an envelope for your business 

Getting an envelope for your business is not difficult at all. All you got to do is to follow the steps below and you are just a few hours away from getting hands on your business’s new customized envelopes.


Step 1 – Choose size and shape

Depending on what you are willing to send through the envelopes, you will need to choose the dimensions for your envelope. If you are going to send some letters then standard dimensions would work but in case it’s a booklet then you need customized dimensions in order to accommodate the booklet.

Step 2 – Design your envelope

The design you are going to make for your envelope must go in synergy with your business. For example it has to match with your business’s logo and go along well with it. The colors should be a shadow of your business. For example, golden envelope can be used for charity while white envelopes are for professionals or corporate.

Step 3 – Choose the paper type

Visiting commercial paper manufactures is the best way to choose the perfect type of paper that you want to use in your mail communication. They will be able to show you tons of choices within your budget and you will also have to make out that the design you have made should come up well on the type of paper that you choose. There are a variety of paper compaines which offer specialized paper and letterhead and will be able to make your paper stand out from the rest!

Step 4 – Select the right printer

Finally, once you have everything ready from the design to the type of paper you would like to use, it is time to drop in to your printer’s place and place an order to get the envelopes printed!

Envelopes might seem to be an add-on expense but they reap profits for your business’s value in the long run hence all businesses must make use of them.



Here is what some of our satisfied clients have said about our envelopes.

Richard C. Sheppard
Geo Gazette

Our business envelops for the Christmas season looked remarkable. We were in love with the design and quality and could not wait to send them to our clients. Thank you guys for the free delivery! 

Mabel D. Guy
Fit Tonic

Thank you for all the great information that you sent to us regarding custom-printing our envelopes. The service we have received so far from you guys has been exceptional. You can expect our order very soon.

Jane J. Longley

I recently got married and wanted everything about my wedding to be unique so I tried to customize everything as far as possible. Thank you guys for doing such a great job with my wedding invitation envelopes. You really understood my requirements and did a great job.